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Nur Bakery opened at Atlas Market in Poway CA to serve you with fresh and authentic Piroshkies and baking goods. We want to bring a taste of Russian Pirojkies to your homes. Blending traditional recipes with local flavor, our selection of Piroshkies offer a wide array of choices, both savory and sweet.
Traditionally served throughout markets and homes in Eastern Europe, often asked is "What is a Piroshky?" The most simple answer is that they are hand held pies, and their fillings are as diverse and differing as the cultures and people who make and serve them. That is the beauty of Piroshky — everyone makes it a little differently, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. From babushka to children.

Our Piroshkies are individually made every morning from scratch and hand-molded into their very own unique shapes — customers are delighted to find that this makes differentiating between them an easier task.

We will be happy to serve you and bring that delighted tastes of comfort food from your childhood memories.


The Master Bakers strive to create and craft nothing but the best. During this Holiday season our team would like to offer a wide variety of specialty cakes baked daily. Our Bakers are turkey Experts inspired by European authentic tastes they are creating delicious pastries and cakes to satisfy and reward you and your loved ones. We can design cakes for any occasion, and are ready to work with you to create the perfect peace of deliciousness.