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Do you ever find yourself searching in the fridge for something different? Do you want to try foods from all around the world? Would you like to shop for all the food and services you need in one location? How would you like to encounter new cultures and people in a friendly shopping environment?
At Atlas Market, we pride ourselves on offering the finest of quality products across a whole host of different selections. Delivering global groceries that come from the finest possible locations and delivering high-quality service tailored to your wants and needs, we deliver an easy-going, stress-free global market experience. Using our service, you will be able to discover just how ridiculously easy it is to take control of your food needs and grocery shopping.
Instead of always having to settle for what you can buy locally, we can help you to find quality international foods of the highest standard. It’s important to us to help the world experience the rich and lasting beauty of international cuisine; it’s something we have always felt passionate about and will continue to do so for years to come. This passion is what drives us to deliver top quality service and solutions to all of your needs.

At Atlas World Fresh Market, we work hard to offer the finest quality products and services from around the world, as well as a large selection and great values.


"THANK YOU for bringing some amazing products, flavor, culture, value, and uniqueness to Poway/Rancho Bernardo suburbia! I was blown away by my visit yesterday and felt compelled to write this review today and encourage everyone to visit Atlas Market soon to check out the great selection now - and the wonderful things they will have in store next month when the prepared food market opens up. First and foremost - this store is large, CLEAN, and the employees were genuinely nice and helpful. I bought several items from the butcher shop in the back that I made for dinner last night and they were all amazing (kefta - seasoned ground beef you make into kebobs, and the pre-marinated saffron chicken tenders). Both meats were fresh, extremely high quality, and surprisingly affordable. We are an international food loving household so I was thrilled to see many Goya products in stock that I have to travel far for, and they have a great selection of Indian foods as well (they have some unique frozen naan breads and side Indian dishes that pair well with anything!). They also have a lot of European items - chocolates, meats, dumplings, etc. Dairy and produce sections looked terrific too and they have plenty of my staples that I get at the other big-named stores. WOW. Please go pay a visit and welcome this wonderful new market to the area. Go outside your comfort zone and try some new things too! You will be happy you did!"

Kristin D.

"I can't believe I am only finding out about this store! Atlas, you are rocking My World! Hmm! The prices. The selection and the friendly staff sum everything up to a solid five stars! Honestly, I have to admit I wasn't sure about the store, but managed to wander in this evening. I'm thrilled I did and can't wait to share this with my friends. They are going to be as excited as I am. Looking for something in particular? Well, it might be here. Just take a peak and you will notice the foods are mixed together. No food segregation observed here. Best of all... it's all fresh! What? Don't wait too long to start shopping here. Once every finds out about shopping here, the lines are going to be long. You will be amazed on the value and courtesy you receive here. Travel the food world with Atlas! See you again!"

Annemargaret B.

"I went to Atlas World Fresh Market's grand opening today. Really nice, big, clean store, with very competitive prices. The produce section is quite large, with a nice organic selection, which was a pleasant surprise. There are quite a few Asian (esp. Chinese & Japanese) products and a "Hispanic" section, as well."

Michelle S.

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